Most Common HVAC Problems and How to Solve Them

June 10, 2024



HVAC problem

As residents of Northeast Ohio, we know Mother Nature can have some pretty wild mood swings. One day, it’s sunny and warm; the next, a cold front moves in, bringing in strong winds and plummeting temperatures. 

Not only can these rapidly changing weather conditions create a conundrum about how to dress and prepare for your day, but they can also stress our HVAC systems.

How you ask? Let’s discuss!

Common HVAC Problem #1 Dirty Filters

Have you recently noticed reduced HVAC airflow, dusty vents, or higher energy bills despite keeping your lifestyle habits the same? A dirty air filter could be to blame! 

Dirty air filters restrict airflow, so your system must work harder to do its job, resulting in higher bills and potentially a reduced HVAC system lifespan. 

Smoking indoors and the presence of pet dander, pollen, and outdoor allergens impact filter life. As these materials accumulate in air filters, these obstructions reduce efficiency and worsen indoor air quality. Regular air filter replacement supports an HVAC system that runs smoothly and keeps indoor air clean.

Fortunately, air filter replacement is a simple, affordable, and straightforward task that can make all the difference.

2. Thermostat Malfunctions

Your thermostat is the show-runner of your HVAC system. When malfunctioning, you could experience a loss of heating or cooling or issues with the fan. Several potential causes of thermostat malfunctions include dead batteries, incorrect settings, or a faulty sensor. If you’re experiencing problems with your thermostat, it’s a good idea to check these potential culprits first.

However, if these fixes don’t solve your problem, consider upgrading to a newer, modern thermostat that can provide more granular control over your environment and help you save on your energy bills. A CUSTOMER SHOULD NEVER MESS WITH A SENSOR! CALL YOUR HVAC PROVIDER AND ASK ABOUT UPGRADING TO NEWER THERMOSTAT

3. Mechanical Wear and Tear

Typically, a well-maintained HVAC system can last between 15 to 20 years. But even with the most diligent maintenance, your HVAC system and its components experience wear. 

Signs of mechanical wear and tear can include unusual noises, such as grinding or squealing, or odors, such as a burning smell. Reduced airflow, indicated by weak or uneven air distribution and inconsistent heating or cooling, such as hot or cold spots in your home, can also be signs of potential issues from generic use. 

If you notice any of these signs, immediately addressing them can prevent them from escalating into more significant problems. 

Regular maintenance is critical to identifying HVAC problems early on and preventing them from escalating into significant concerns. 

For example, a homeowner ignored a small refrigerant leak in their air conditioner. As a result, the cooling efficiency decreased, eventually leading to compressor failure, which required a system replacement.

4. Ignition Problems

Ignition problems are another issue that homeowners might experience if they operate a combustible furnace. Problems like delayed ignition or ignition failure often originate from dirty burners or malfunctioning ignition components. 

To prevent these issues, your HVAC company should clean and inspect the ignition components once a year, ideally before the need to use heat arrives. This routine maintenance can help ensure you and your family aren’t sitting in the cold when it matters most.

5. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of heat pumps and A/C units. 

If the air conditioning component of your HVAC system is leaking refrigerant, it will struggle to cool your home and could cause the compressor to overheat and fail. 

Detecting and repairing a refrigerant leak requires professional intervention, so it’s essential to have experienced technicians inspect your system regularly.

6. Drainage Problems

During the warmer months, the condensate drain on your air conditioner can fill with algae, dirt, or other debris. 

When this drain is blocked, it can lead to interior water damage and impact indoor humidity levels. Keeping the drain line clear is essential to system health.

Get Help With These – Or Other HVAC Concerns In New Franklin, OH

A proactive approach to HVAC problems can lead to significant savings on energy costs, extend the life of your system, and maintain consistent comfort in your home. 

Investing in preventative maintenance and catching minor problems before they snowball can help you avoid costly repairs and downtime. This comparatively small investment can yield substantial returns in terms of system efficiency and reliability, ensuring peak performance when you need it most.

At Conrad’s Heating & Cooling, we believe that maintaining a comfortable home shouldn’t break the bank. 

Our flexible financing and affordable maintenance plans offer peace of mind, knowing that your home is a comfortable oasis year-round without overstressing your budget. Contact our team today!


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